It is divided by the hand of the two
New Wedding Ring "Connect Catachi"


What we propose
Wedding rings that are completed by share with your own hand.

I thought that two people of two people are the essential significance of marriage to build a single connection as a partner, and pursued a wedding ring design that symbolizes it.

The "Experience of Share" Connected to One "Experience" is the beginning of the future of the future that will walk as a partner.
By acquiring a ring that a memory that has connected to one, you can feel the bond of each other forever.

Our 目 金 (Makeshi,),
From now on, we have created a ring using traditional crafts technology, which was born in Japan in the Edo period about 400 years ago.
A special metal processing technology that creates a different color of the color of color. It can be said that it is a technology suitable for wedding rings that symbolizes wedding only one happy katachi.

Wooden gold connected to modern times
Two rings connected to the future

Wedding rings "Tsunagetachi" takes a history of history.

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Futari only ceremony

The first collaboration work.
I will tell you a ring with my hands.

Important "Propose" place
"Blue Sea"
"Sakura" full bloom stage
"Wedding" blessed by important friends
"Feature" to face as family
Private space such as "house".
"Shop" that can feel the history of Japan

There are various places to celebrate the budget.
It seems to be two moments that remain in mind ... "Futari only ceremony"

Our important memories "Ceremony of shaking"

Only two "traces"

The buds' ring are made to be connected to one.
It will be completed by sharing it by the hand of the ball.

Do you want to divide the metal by the hand of the person?
I think that most people in the world feel very strange due to the lack of experience.

Hold each other's rings firmly and breathe and move repeatedly as the butterfly feathers. While being pulled to each other's rings, the metal of the connected part extends and repeatedly completes the share.

As a "sign" that was connected to the ring, a "trace (hello)" of a form that floats and smiling with each other is born.
Soft unevenness that can feel "trace" with a finger.
Even after the month, the feelings of the moment they share at any time will deepen the bonds of the two.

First award as a wedding ring

Wedding Ring "Connect Catachi"

Selected as the World's Three Large Design Award

The wedding ring "Tsunagetsu Katachi" won the "Good Design Award (Japan)" as a wedding ring (marriage ring) for the first time in Japan.
Winner to the "RedDot Design Award (Germany)" and "IF Design Award (Germany" ", the" IF Design Award (Germany ", the World 3 Large Design Award. In addition, "German Design Award 2020 (German)" is also won also called "Awards in the Award".

About 400 years ago, traditional crafts "born in Japan" Wooden grade (Makeminee) "

"Wooden gold" is a special metal processing technology that creates a color-different metal-like metal.
We will establish a NPO Nippon Museum of Gold Research Institute as a leading company for jewelry production by wooden grade, restoring and researching wood grain.

◆ Restoration production study of the "Wooden Gold Method of Edo Period" using Japanese-old Metals.
◆ A study of "junction (diffusion bonding) of heterologous request metal (diffusion bonding)" in the production of wooden grills replaced by precious metals such as platinum and gold used for modern jewelry.
◆ Method of making two rings "connecting".
◆ Optimization of attributes and standards of heterogeneous requested metal junctions that can be shared with the hands of the buddy.

We have been able to replace research and share the rings of the 目 unique delicate wooden grilled pattern with our hands.

The fluffy ring will arrive "connected"

When the ring arrives, the first collaboration work.

There are various places to celebrate the budget.

It seems to be two moments that remain in mind ... "Futari only ceremony"

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Single colored wedding ring

Platinum / Gold

Two-layer wedding rings