About traditional technology "wooden gold"

About traditional technology "wooden gold"

With wooden grade

The wood grade (金, 目 copper) is a special metal processing technology that is unique to Japan, creating wood-like patterns using differences in metal colors, born in the Edo period 400 years ago from now on. is there. It is also referred to as the Tagayasan area because the pattern is similar to the Tagaya (butterfly), which is a kind of trees.


History of wooden grade

Wooden grade (金, 目 copper) was devised in the early Edo period, and Hibiki Hakuda Hibe was devisedAccreditecture (according to this amount)It is transmitted to start with the wedge [* 1].

After that, the same time, Seimbei, Akita Sumikan, Keijin, developed the technique of sculpting, and created a small pattern [* 2] called the oldest wood graft work. The petite is made of a technique that has been stuck with gold, silver, copper and red copper, and is made of a technique that has been trained on the skin, and is called "golden" and "copper", and the authors "Akita 木The skilled techniques and graceful bamboo classification as "the purpose") are not elsewhere.

※ 1:: Through the pattern of swords and swords, it protects the hand grasping the handle. In the Edo period, it is considered that the sword was not a tool to fight, but has changed as a kind of male attachment.
※ 2 Small swords attached to the difference (Sashira) of the sheath of the small pattern (Kozuka) sword.