Online Shop User Guide

How to purchase

[Step. 1] Select design ring size

Please select the size of the color and ring on the product page.
※ Items that can be selected by the product differ
Product page 01

[STEP.2] Select the jewel inside the ring

※ Please choose from 12 types of Birthstone, "Birthstone List".
※ Items that can be selected by the product differ

※ Click here for details about gems>

Product page 02

[Step. 3] Add to cart

Click the Add to Cart button.
Product page 03
[STEP.4] Description of contents confirmation / receipt date

After checking your order on the shopping cart page,
Please select the delivery date.
※ Specified date: You can specify after 5 weeks after ordering

If there is a special note or request, please fill in the "Special notation to the store" column

【STEP.5】 To the purchase procedure

Press the "Purchase procedure" button to proceed to the purchase procedure.
Cart page
[STEP.6] Enter customer information

Please enter your screen for shipping address and payment information on the shopping cart page.

Click here for details about payment methods>
Cart page

[Step. 7] Confirm your order

After completing your order, we will send you an order confirmation email.
If your credit card is ordered, the procedure will be completed here.
(You may contact you by email or by phone confirmation etc.)

If you choose bank transfer, please transfer to the specified account within 7 days.
You can confirm your payment confirmation.

[STEP.8] Shipping of products

We will contact you by email when shipping the product on your designated date