About delivery

About delivery time

[Normal delivery date] Shipping from the order dateAbout 5 weeks laterIt will be. Please be sure to check for the dates of use.
※ Please contact us if you are in a hurry.
In the case of bank transfer: After transfer, we will confirm payment in our company. (Since Saturdays and Sundays and holidays can not confirm payments due to financial institutions, please note.)

Regarding delivery

Shipping fee is free shipping in Japan
We will ship by Yamato Transport's Delivery Service. After shipping the product from this shop, we will contact you by email (or by phone).
※ We can not deliver overseas
※ Delay may occur for delivery due to disasters and weather
※ Please give a separate burden on shipping costs for after-sales service such as resizing

About packing

Delivered in a strong delivery box for shipping and vibration.

"Ring to make yourself" only case

Case for normal ring