It is divided by the hand of the two
New Wedding Ring "Tsunagaru-Katachi"

A ring made by the hand of the craftsman
It will be shared and completed.

  • After ordering, it will be produced by a craftsman
  • Receiving a connected ring
  • Sharing ceremony
  • Finishing

Wedding rings to make by yourself "Tsunaku-Katachi" production method

Share in your favorite place,
Can finish

STEP1. Choose a ring

Select color and shape and order

Single colored wedding ring

Platinum / Gold

Platinum silver white brilliance is popular as a bridal jewelry without changing for a long time. Compatibility with diamonds is good, and its brilliance will be further enhanced.
Gold Ancient money used for jewelry and decorative items as valuable. Besides warm yellow gold, soft tint pink golds are also standards in the form of jewelry.

Two-layer wedding rings


The outside of the bud ring selects the metal of each favorite color and the inside selects the same color metal.
A design that is likely to feel connected in the inside and invisible inside, likely to be a person with each individual. Design that the inside color is only enjoyable to the trace part

STEP2. Receive ring

Receipt of product

Receive at your home (location you want)

We will deliver the ring connected to one

Received at home (place of hope)

STEP3. Share the ring

In your favorite place
You can make a SHARING CEREMONY of

Share in your favorite place

Ceremony at your favorite time in your favorite place

You can share it in various scenes, such as a place of memories, weddings, etc.

Received at home (place of hope)

STEP4. Finish

Finish at home

After the ceremony, please polish and finish the connected part in your favorite place

Finish at home

Method of finishing

  • Remove the bottom plate of the case

  • Below the connected part

  • Press the diagonal or easy

  • Retrieve 5 to 10 times back


The ring that the memory that was connected to one is attached

Deepen each other's bond forever

Additional option

Completed bustling rings
Craftsmen can be finished with more hand.

Finishing by craftsman(free) Finishing by craftsmanCraftsman finishes the traces
Add gem(Paid)Add gemAdd a gem to the trace
※ The jewel inside the ring can be set when purchasing online
Add engraving(Paid)Add engravingAdd engraving inside the ring

Consultation at 1 shop

1 Consult with the shop

2 Consultation online

Contact online

※ Mail costs for additional options will be borne by customers.

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